Paper Strip Pumpkins with Scrapbooking Paper

Looking for a easy yet adorable Thanksgiving centerpiece? These paper strip pumpkins can be made in just minutes with scraps of leftover scrapbooking paper. Make one large pumpkin or two small ones from a single 12″x12″ piece of paper or cardstock. Cluster them in different sizes around the room to create a festive theme.

Supplies for Small Paper Strip Pumpkin:
Twelve 1″ x 6″ strips of orange paper
One 2″x 2.5″ piece of green paper
Two brads
One 6″ x 1/16″ strip of brown cardstock

Supplies for Large Paper Strip Pumpkin:
Twelve 2″ x 2″ strips of orange cardstock
One 6″x12″ piece of green paper
Two brads
One 9″ x 1/8″ strip of brown cardstock


1.) Line up your strips of paper and hold them in a pile. Punch a hole through each end, centering the hole about 1/3″ from the edge.

2.) Loosely fasten a brad through the holes on each end.

3.) Start to fan our the strips of paper, bending them outward in the center to create the rounded pumpkin shape. Evenly space strips until the desired shape is reached.

4.) For small pumpkin: Roll 2″x 2.5″ piece of green paper into a cylinder, with the top wider than the bottom. Adhere the paper to itself so that it will hold it’s shape. Trim top and bottom of skewed cylinder.

For large Pumpkin: Twist 6″x12″ piece of green paper into a pumpkin handle shape

5.) Wind the strip of brown cardstock tightly around a pencil or pen. Slide it off and tighten the coil if needed. Trim to desired length.

6.) Put glue on and around the top brad on the pumpkin, and then add the brown spiral, and pumpkin top over top.

Tip: When making the larger pumpkin, I suggest using cardstock so it will hold its shape better. You could also add an interior support column made out of a paper towel roll center cut to fit.

Tip: You can stamp, sponge or distress your paper strips before you put your pumpkin together.

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  1. Debby King says:

    Really cool idea for the Holidays and looks simple to make.

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