Scrapbooking Sepia Toned Pictures

Sepia Toned Scrapbook Picture Sepia Toned Scrapbook Layout
Sepia Scrapbook Picture Sepia Toned Picture

Sepia toned pictures are another way to change the style of your scrapbook pages. They often give an old world feel to modern pictures. Historically, photographers would use cuttlefish to protect pictures from decaying. Over time, the black and white pictures would change to brown, red, and yellow hues we are familiar with today. Now it is used by photographers to resemble a bygone era. In scrapbooking, sepia toned pictures can add a different feel and style to any scrapbooks.

Sepia pictures are perfect for creating a feeling of fond and personal memories. Wedding memories, love story layouts, and family traditions are perfect themes for sepia pictures. I have found it is a style that creates a feeling of warmth tied to memories. You can even journal to add to the effect sepia toned pictures.

Another use of sepia is to combine a set of pictures that otherwise wouldn’t match. An example of this is given in the pictures above. I had a group of images that I wanted to put together but the colors, date of pictures, and locations were all different. I wanted to tie them together and sepia allowed me to have consistent color theme within the photos. The result is a nice layout with different time periods.

If you scrapbook with sepia toned images you may want remember that your image is often the focal point. Using mute and neutral colors will allow your pictures to stand out. I would recommend autumn, winter, and basic colors that Close to My Heart sells or any muted colors and stamps will work.

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