Pearl Paint Shimmer Mist Spray

Dragonfly Card Using Shimmer Mist Technique Horizontal

Dragonfly Card Using Shimmer Mist Technique Above

Shimmer mist is a quick and easy way to add a pearl-like sparkle to any project. You can literally make the mist in less than a minute, and it will keep for a long time in a sealed bottle.

Materials Needed:
CTMH Create-a-Shade Pearl Paint ($2.95)
Rubbing Alcohol (or water)
Fine Mist Spray Bottle

Add 1 part Pearl Paint to 5-8 parts rubbing alcohol in a fine mist spray bottle & shake well. Play with the ratio to make the mist more opaque or transparent. You can also spray multiple layers of mist to create a stonger effect.


  • Water may be substituted for rubbing alcohol if you allow a few extra minutes to dry.
  • You can add re-inker to color the shimmer mist.
  • When stamping an image that will be sprayed with shimmer mist, you may want to use a darker shade of ink for better show-through.
  • You can spray your cardstock first, and then stamp over the dried shimmer mist.
  • Shimmer mist can be stored for weeks in a sealed container. Shake well before each use.

    Ideas for Use:
    Chipboard Dimentional Elements
    Cardstock used for Background Paper
    Snowflakes – Card Technique
    Butterflies & Dragonflies – Card Technique
    Wedding Cakes

    What have you used shimmer mist for? Post your ideas below, or email a photo to

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    6 Responses to Pearl Paint Shimmer Mist Spray

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    2. Tara says:

      I am wondering where you purchase the fine mist spray bottles?

      Thank you

    3. admin says:

      Hi Tara, I was using a bottle that had cleaner in it and once it was out I started using it for the shimmer mist. I did a search and found some on Amazon.

    4. Shayla Anthony says:

      Try using Denatured alcohol instead. Rubbing alcohol has 30% water, and takes longer to dry. If you use Denatured, there is only 3% water, so the alcohol evaporates almost immediately and the water takes less time to dry – which means less chance for smearing, etc too.

      Denatured alcohol can be found in big box home improvement stores. It smells worse than rubbing alcohol, so make sure your area is well ventilated.

      I also use denatured alcohol to make my own alcohol inks.

    5. amber says:

      Thanks for the tip Shayla. I’ll have to try that next time.

    6. Susan Brooks says:

      I found small spray bottles at a local herbalist shop (and I live in a small town). They carry blue or green colored glass bottles (but my herbalist also had plastic) – price works out the same as paying shipping for a small on-line order.

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