Scrapbook Journaling Ideas

Scrapbook Journaling Image
Journaling in a scrapbook is a great way to change the look and feel of your layouts. In a way, journaling is a like an embellishment to your scrapbook. A picture is worth a thousand words but your words can’t convey things that a picture won’t say. You can’t get the sounds, atmosphere, tastes, and feelings you had from a picture. People may not know why that day was special or why you chose to scrapbook it unless you tell them.

There are two different ways you can journal. First, you can write in your computer and print or second, hand write in your scrapbook. I use both as shown below. Both journal entries come with benefits. A computer written journal allows you to check for grammatical and spelling errors. You can also choose from a variety of colors to print. A list of CTMH RGB printer colors are available for you to use. Hand written journal entry allows a personal touch yet it is easier to make mistakes. If you are concerned about writing in a straight line you can get a Journaling Line Stamp to help.

One way to remember your experiences is to make a diary. If you do something and take pictures you can write things that were memorable to you. Then when you have time to scrapbook you have those thoughts, feelings, and experiences ready to journal in your scrapbook.

Hand Written Scrapbook Journaling

Computer Written Scrapbook Journaling

A Few Journaling Ideas

  • Make a List (events, things you did, how you felt, etc..)
  • Letters
  • Poems
  • Gratitude
  • Conversations you had
  • Sketch Journaling
  • Acronyms
  • Quotes
  • Music lyrics
  • Recipes
  • That day in history
  • Interview Someone
  • Write and use it as a background

Do you journal? Do you use writing in your scrapbooks? Share with us your journal techniques we would love to hear we would love to hear. Happy Journaling!

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  2. I have referred back to my hand written journals many times as I have created my scrapbooks. I like to quote from my journal with the date of entry. It brings life to both the picutres and to my journal.

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