Hand Crafted Cards with Candy Insert

Creating hand crafted gift cards is great way to create a personal touch to gift giving while keeping it affordable. In this project we will create a personalized card with sweets attached. It is easy and takes a short amount of time to create.


What you will need

  • Personalized Cards
  • Clear Plastic Envelops
  • Small Candies of Your Choice
  • Ribbon
  • Paper
  • Small Hole Punch
  • Glue Dots

  1. Begin by creating a card that matches your occasion. This was for Christmas so I made a the pearl mist Christmas card with candy for my coworkers. I used a card I made with dimensions of 5 1/2”x4”.
  2. Next, cut a piece of colored paper that is 51/2 x5”. This is going to be the backing of your candy attachment. Fold the extra inch over so that you have a flap with a 5 ½ by 4 inch card. Cut another piece of patterned paper that is 1″ x 5 1/2” long and attach it to the flap with adhesive. The flap is where you are going to fit the bag of candy.
  3. Now you are going to place your bag of candy in the fold you made and punch two holes through it. I used plastic card slips and filled it with candy. Tie a ribbon to keep the plastic bag and the card together. The ribbon makes it easy to get at the candy without damaging the card. The end result should look like the example below.
  4. gift-card-insert

  5. Finish by attaching the insert using glue dots. Write a note and it is ready to insert.
  6. If you are going to use this let us know. Have any other ways you changed or modified the the project? We would love to hear your ideas.

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One Response to Hand Crafted Cards with Candy Insert

  1. Sue Lefebvre says:

    Hi! Thanks you so much for sharing your templates. I am on kind of a brain drain and these will hopefully get me going again. I appreciate you being willing to share all this with us. I have cased your templates up and down. Again thanks to people like you, we can start to create again.

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