CTMH Printer Color Codes

Update 09/17/10: Check out the new Carnival & Celebration Summer Palettes Color Collection just released this month!

Do you ever print out journaling for your scrapbook layout? Now you can match your printed journaling or title to CTMH exclusive color palette using RGB codes.

RGB stands for “Red, Green, Blue” and is a formula for a color composition. To specify a RGB code in Word, select the change color button, click on “more colors”, and then click on “custom”. Make sure the color model is set to RGB, and they type in the corresponding numbers for Red, Blue, and Green.

Spring- Harmony

Amethyst (R-194 G-180 B-234) CTMH RGB Amethyst
Baby Pink (R-249 G-207 B-221) CTMH RGB Baby Pink
Heavenly Blue (R-177 G-223 B-243)

CTMH RGB Heavenly Blue
Key Lime (R-198 G-227 B-171)

Sunkiss Yellow (R-255 G-251 B-161)

CTMH RGB Sunkiss Yellow
Taffy (R-255 G-199 B-174)


Spring- Blossom

Lilac Mist (R-172 G-191 B-233)

CTMH RGB Lilac Mist
Spring Iris (R-136 G-152 B-206)

CTMH RGB Spring Iris
Creme Brulee (R-248 G-206 B-134)

CTMH RGB Creme Brulee
Juniper (R-136 G-182 B-173)

CTMH RGB Juniper
Sorbet (R-244 G-149 B-128)

Tulip (R-210 G-78 B-84)


*new* Summer- Celebration

Cotton Candy (R-244 G-135 B-167)

CTMH RGB Cotton Candy
Dutch Blue (R-90 G-151 B-206)

CTMH RGB Dutch Blue
Lagoon (R-0 G-184 B-186)

Pear (R-163 G-205 B-105)

Sky (R-142 G-215 B-248)

Smoothie (R-243 G-121 B-118)

CTMH RGB Smoothie

*new* Summer- Carnival

Gypsy (R-128 G-113 B-180)

Holiday Red (R-224 G-73 B-87)

CTMH Holiday Red
Pacifica (R-0 G-116 B-163)

CTMH RGB Pacifica
Sunny Yellow (R-255 G-246 B-63)

CTMH RGB Sunny Yellow
Sunset (R-241 G-137 B-86)

Topiary (R-112 G-140 B-76)

CTMH RGB Topiary

Autumn- Garden

Garden Green (R-170 G-171 B-134)

CTMH RGB Garden Green
Goldrush (R-217 G-142 B-77)

CTMH RGB Goldrush
Hollyhock (R-212 G-104 B-126)

CTMH RGB Hollyhock
Indian Corn Blue (R-101 G-136 B-169)

CTMH RGB Indian Corn Blue
Olive (R-151 G-152 B-107)

Vineyard Berry (R-153 G-86 B-98)

CTMH RGB Vineyard Berry
Autumn- Harvest

Autumn Terracotta (R-199 B-113 G-64) CTMH RGB Autumn Terracotta
Barn Red (R-151 G-84 B-79) CTMH RGB Barn Red
New England Ivy (R-99 G-110 B-77) CTMH RGB New England Ivy
Outdoor Denim (R-67 G-81 B-104) CTMH RGB Outdoor Denim
Pansy Purple (R-112 G-75 B-105) CTMH RGB Pansy Purple
Sunflower (R-255 G-192 B-90) CTMH RGB Sunflower
Winter- Cozy

Blush (R-232 G-163 B-178) CTMH RGB Blush
Crystal Blue (R-132 G-188 B-213) CTMH RGB Crystal Blue
Honey (R-238 G-189 B-33) CTMH RGB Honey
Petal (R-155 G-144 B-158) CTMH RGB Petal
Sweet Leaf (R-194 G-203 B-147) CTMH RGB Sweet Leaf
Twilight (R-79 G-126 B-126) CTMH RGB Twilight
Winter- Classic

Buttercup (R-242 G-225 B-169) CTMH RGB Buttercup
Cranberry (R-184 G-69 B-67) CTMH RGB Cranberry
Garnet (R-139 G-87 B-88) CTMH RGB Garnet
Moonstruck (R-68 G-103 B-161) CTMH RGB Moonstruck
Ponderosa Pine (R-71 G-95 B-84) CTMH RGB Ponderosa Pine
Smokey Plum (R-134 G-106 B-125) CTMH RGB Smokey Plum
Basic- Antique

Bamboo (R-216 G-199 B-169) CTMH RGB Bamboo
Black (black) CTMH RGB Black
Desert Sand (R-165 G-136 B-105) CTMH RGB Desert Sand
Grey Flannel (R-195 G-196 B-192) CTMH RGB Grey Flannel
Grey Wool (R-143 G-148 B-152) CTMH RGB Grey Wool
White Daisy (white) CTMH RGB White Daisy
Basic- Timeless

Brown Bag (R-192 G-137 B-103) CTMH RGB Brown Bag
Chocolate (R-137 G-104 B-89) CTMH RGB Chocolate
Cocoa (R-117 G-104 B-87) CTMH RGB Cocoa
Colonial White (R-244 G-237 B-218) CTMH RGB Colonial White
Parchment (R-245 G-214 B-196) CTMH RGB Parchment
Vanilla Cream (R- 247 G-225 B-203) CTMH RGB Vanilla Cream
Retired Colors

Breeze (R-146 G-223 B-227) CTMH RGB Breeze
Kiwi (R-224 G-225 B-135) CTMH RGB Kiwi
Orchid Bouquet (R-229 G-155 B-215) CTMH RGB Orchid Bouquet
Pink Carnation (R-255 G-139 B-164) CTMH RGB Pink Carnation
Golden Ember (R-209 G-171 B-61) CTMH RGB Golden Ember
Plum Mist (R-173 G-141 B-156) CTMH RGB Plum Mist
Seafoam (R-157 G-183 B-158) CTMH RGB Seafoam
Bubblegum (R-243 G-141 B-188)

CTMH RGB Bubble Gum
Watermelon (R-230 B-101 G-166)

CTMH RGB Watermelon
Citrus Leaf (R-184 G-223 B-82)

CTMH RGB Citrus Leaf
Ocean (R-0 G-169 B-184)

Clover Meadow (R-106 G-168 B-82)

CTMH RGB Clover Meadow
Hydrangea (R-125 G-97 B-186)

CTMH RGB Hydrangea
Orange (R-255 G-122 B-66)

Star Spangled Blue (R-40 G-120 B-181)

CTMH RGB Star Spangled Blue
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19 Responses to CTMH Printer Color Codes

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  2. Heather says:

    Correction to the list:

    Watermelon (R-230 G-101 B-166)

    Happy Scrapping!

  3. amber says:

    Thanks, Heather!

  4. Lalia says:

    thanks! Can’t wait to use it.

  5. Patt says:

    Thank you so much for all the work!!

  6. PrincessPapercuts says:

    WOW!! Thanks so much for posting thsi!! This will be OH SO HELPFUL with my new Imagine!! Thanks again!! Sara

  7. nicki says:

    i’m looking for the codes for the new autumn/winter 2010 catalog summer colors. any idea where i can find them?

  8. admin says:

    Glad that this was useful for you.

  9. admin says:

    No Problem.

  10. admin says:

    Nicki, We will update the new CTMH printer colors by the end of this week.

  11. Mary Lynne says:

    THANK YOU FOR THIS!!! I had a previous list from the CTMH website and lost it due to a computer virus! Love your website!

  12. admin says:

    Thanks! Thought the printer ctmh colors would be useful.

  13. sarah says:

    Just wanted to say thank you for doing an up to date list! This is the only place I have found that has the new colors.

  14. admin says:

    Sarah, You are welcome. Hope this list is useful for you. – Amber

  15. Jennifer says:

    Thank you!!! You’ve probably never heard of a colorblind scrapper – but her I am and this helps SO SO much! How did you figure these out? Did you scan them or something?

    Thanks for posting the retired colors too!

  16. admin says:

    Jennifer, I am glad this was useful to you. The printer codes have helped me often.

  17. Thanks for this list! I just purchase a Cricut Imagine and want to match my colors to my CTMH inks in my stash!

  18. Donna Metz says:

    Thank you so much for sharing…love to use with my imagine…!!!!

  19. Debbie says:

    Thank you so much for going through the effort to post this! absolutely fantastic!!!!

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