Bird Basics Card Book

For our April Club, we made Card Books with the Bird Basics Stamp Set and Emporium Creative Basics.

Colonial White, Crystal Blue, Buttercup, Sweet Leaf & Chocolate.


The cards are standard 4.25”x5.5”
The colonial white square is 2.75” square
The mat is 3 square
The B&T strips are 2” wide (by either 4.25” or 5.5”)
The CS mats for the stripes are 2.25” wide (by either 4.25” or 5.5”)

Instructions provided by CTMH Consultant Vicki Wizniuk

1. Start with a 12 x 7.5” piece of cardstock.
2. Score at 3” across the 12” length.
3. Score at 2.5” across the 12” length.
4. Score at 2.5”, 3”, 9” and 9.5” across the 7.5” length.
5. Using a bone folder, fold your score lines and run the bone folder across the folds to give a crisp fold.
6. Cut out both 3×3” squares along the score lines at the bottom (highlighted in green).
7. On the top left, measure 2.5” up from the corners you just cut off, making a mark with a pencil. Draw a line from the 2.5” to the 2.5” score line at the top. Cut along the line (highlighted in yellow). Repeat on the top right side.
8. On the bottom left side of the flap, measuring 1” from the 3” score line, make a pencil mark. Repeat on the right side. Then at the bottom (measuring 6” from side to side), measure in 1.5” from each side and make a pencil mark. These marks are highlighted in pink. Draw a line from mark to mark on an angle and then cut them off (highlighted in yellow).
9. Run strips of Super Tape (a very sticky double sided tape for scrapbooking/cardmaking) beside the angles you just cut (highlighted in blue). Then fold up, envelope style, and seal it really well.

Measurements for the Cover:

To make the cover, use an 11 x 6 ¾” piece of cardstock. Score at 5” and 6” along the short side. Use your bone folder along the score lines to make crisp folds. Use ribbon wrapped around the cover to tie it closed.

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